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Flash back to four thousand seven hundred forty-five (or thirteen) years ago. Let's take a scene out of a typical American high school film. It's your first day at school. When the new student walks into the cafeteria, he's immediately confronted with the "cool kids" table. The "cool kids" have gleaming white teeth, perfect hair, and an air of insouciance that comes from constant positive reinforcement since birth. In 2004, when I walked into a bookstore or stood in front of a magazine rack, I saw an exact similarity. In 2004, I noticed that the first rack of magazines would always be lifestyle magazines. They were a cavalcade full of beautiful people in exotic locations doing amazing things. It made you feel like your life was totally inadequate. The next table in high school was the socially acceptable table for the intelligent but still socially aware student.Fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watches In the bookshop, I saw a similar pattern with magazines such as Time, Newsweek and Architectural Digest. The social outcasts table was located against the wall on the opposite side of the cafeteria. This was a place I had frequented for most of my high-school career.

The same thing happened in the bookshop. In the last rack on the lowest, dingiest shelf, the magazines were placed. They included the "Hobby", a collection of periodicals dedicated to stamp collecting and model train building, as well as the macabre macrame art. To my horror, I also found the watch magazines. The presentation, tone and design of these horological books did not help to change the perception that they were anachronistic, insular.Hublot Replica Watches This was to me a huge disservice to watch industry, and the inspiration behind my magazine Revolution. It is now 13-years old, published in 13 different countries, and created solely with the mission of repositioning watches on the cool kid's table without sacrificing an iota their technical credibility. The only way to achieve this was to reposition watches as the intersection of all that is relevant, provocative and exciting in contemporary culture. From fashion to cinema to motoring to sport to art. Revolution was named not only for the movement of hands around the dial and time, but also as a way to reimagine, retell, and reconnect watches with the world in which we live. It was designed to be iconoclastic.

In 2004, I had no idea that Jean-Claude Biver, and Hiroshi Fujiwara were both pursuing their own goals to reshape a part of contemporary culture. By the time my magazine was launched in the year following the 2004 launch, they had both jumped headfirst into their pursuits which had a profound impact on consumer culture today. Biver's goal was to create a link between Swiss watchmaking, and all aspects of popular culture. Fujiwara's goal was to elevate the New York City hip-hop clothing scene of the 1980s into a new vision for luxury fashion. Each man would then go on to reformat the world, refract it and reprogram it to match their unique perspective. When they finally met in this year, it was their first collaboration that was most anticipated.

Fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watches
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