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After his stay in London, Fujiwara moved to New York. In the early 1980s, Fujiwara was captivated by hip hop culture, the most influential musical revolution in the 20th century. He eventually formed his own DJ team Tiny Panx. Fujiwara introduced Western hip-hop streetwear into Japan through DJing and articles published in magazines like Popeye. Fujiwara's streetwear brands Good Enough, and Fragment were launched when this culture had reached critical mass in Japan. The clothing made by these companies quickly became cult and sold out immediately upon launch. Fujiwara became a true innovator through clothing that reflected this musical style. He mentored streetwear icons Nigo from A Bathing Ape, and Jun Takahashi from Undercover in creating their own brands. Fujiwara's cult status as a streetwear God led him to design Nike's HTM line and collaborate with countless other brands. He also appeared in Lost in Translation, and designed guitars Eric Clapton. In 2017, Fujiwara opened a pop-up Louis Vuitton shop in Tokyo, which sold clothing that was the result of a collaboration he had with Kim Jones.

Fujiwara is a Rolexe horophile. It was through this collaboration that he produced several Bamford x Fragment modified timepieces, including a take on a modern Newman Dial blacked out DLC-treated Daytona as well as a submariner with a blacked out Explorer dial and red writing. Bamford, who is the factory-authorized customiser for Zenith,Replica Watches collaborated with him to create one of the most sought after timepieces in 2018, the Bamford x Fragment Zenith El Primero. The designer then met Biver who was at the time the president of TAG Heuer and oversaw the watch brands within the LVMH group. The two men soon began discussions on a limited edition Fujiwara Carrera. This was motivated also by a strong human connection between Jean-Claude Biver and the designer.

Fujiwara stated: "I was not familiar with TAG Heuer before I met Jean-Claude Biver, but I felt a great inspiration after meeting him and I began to study the history of this brand. The designer was captivated by the history of the brand and became inspired to create the first Fujiwara Special Edition watch. Fujiwara studied many of the brand's iconic models and decided to concentrate on the Carrera. He chose to redesign the first Heuer Carrera developed by Jack Heuer back in 1963 and turn it into a Fragment style timepiece. He says, "I first saw this model at an auction and was very drawn to its simplicity. It was designed to meet the needs of auto racing enthusiasts, so its simplicity and clarity of design appealed.blancpain replica Swiss and Japanese designs share a similar quality of simplicity. Switzerland is known for its straight, sharp lines and purity of design. "I am a huge fan of Switzerland. It is my hub whenever I visit Europe."

TAG Heuer's design team gave him carte blanche to create a new dial design. He was not limited to just changing the colour of the existing model, but also allowed to use a completely different design language. Fujiwara's approach to the dial of the Carrera was distinctly retro. This is in contrast to his other watches, such as the Fragment Zenith El Primero that he designed with Bamford. He says, "The original design is already very powerful. Fujiwara's innovation was to remove the baton hour marks that were on the vintage Carrera refence 2447 powered by Valjoux 72.

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