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A Neapolitan from Monte di Procida, in 1987, after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, Pietro Del Vaglio began to work as a design with leading Italian furniture manufacturers.
In 1991 he opened a studio of interior design and product design, and in 1994 he created the Grace chair, shown in Chicago in an exhibition on the 25 most interesting chairs of the last 25 years.

After moving to Florence in the early ‘90s, he expanded his activities as an interior designer, working on the homes of important clients.

In 2002 he founded Pietro Del Vaglio Collezioni for the production of sofas, armchairs and chaises longues, later included in a successful exhibition at the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana in Milan.


In 2008 he started the project of Villa A as well as the restoration of a farmhouse in Tuscany.
At the same time, he also completed interior design projects in Switzerland, Russia and the United States, as well as Italy. His creations have been illustrated in two books, Abitare le emozioni (2006) and Podere Ascianello (2011), and many sector magazines have published his interiors, including the Italian and German editions of AD.
In 2014 AD Italia listed him as one of the 13 interior designers who best interpret the new trends in living, and that same year he consolidated his partnership with Michele Schiano Moriello, with whom he has opened a studio in Monte di Procida.
In Naples in 2018, he received the Design Excellence Award for his activities and projects around the world.